Saturday, February 5, 2011

Electricity Maze - Maze of an electric plug by Yonatan Frimer

E is for Electricity Maze
psychedelic electrical outlet maze
Click for Maze Solution of Electric Outlet Maze
Maze of an electrical outlet with psychedelic lightning bolts coming out of it. The maze starts in the upper-left corner and the maze ends in the lower right-hand corner. This maze goes with the maze of the letter J for the kids book, "Learn To A Maze" Which uses mazes to teach kids the alphabet, basica reading, and how to count. By Yonatan Frimer.

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I had a hard time getting the concept of a cable flowing with energy, and even a harder time of how I would make a maze to project that image and pin-point the source of that electricity to be coming from the plug. I used a combination of psychedelic patters and crude lightning bolts to make a maze that is both captivating to the eye, yet generic enough to be recognised as having a regular wall outlet present upon the image.

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